M.I.C.A.L Global

Marketing Investing Consulting Accounting & Logistics.

M.I.C.A.L Global is a company dedicated to serving the needs of the wealthy elite and is by invitation only. To qualify, you must have a minimum net worth of $10M.

Our mission is to solve problems efficiently, leading with compassion.

Nickilos Ovard operates as the principal owner and CEO of M.I.C.A.L Global, LLC. Prior to forming M.I.C.A.L Global, Mr. Ovard was the CEO of Worldwide Management.

M.I.C.A.L Global, provides services in the following areas:

  • Marketing. Results driven approach to marketing.
  • Investing. Investments driving your ROI across the globe.
  • Consulting. Finding ways to improve your business reach.
  • Accounting. To the exact amount every time.
  • Logistics. Reaching places that no-one else can.

What M.I.C.A.L Global Will Do For You

Managers discussing.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

We will perform an in-depth analysis of your current situation, maintaining the strictest confidentiality standards.

We will find all problems, analyze how they are affecting you, and present them in a way easy to understand.

Provide Solutions

We will analyze our results and prepare solutions for each problem. We have access to a network of individuals that are the best in their field and not available to the general public.


We will help you implement the solutions to your best advantage.

Ready To Get Started?

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All new clients get a personal phone call from our CEO, Nickilos Ovard. Phone calls are by invitation only.